Thursday, July 16, 2015

Drilling Round Holes in Square Pegs

I couldn't resist the play on words here... but there is a reason I haven't posted a blog today and probably won't do the Square Peg for a day or two. The garden bridge (see above) I made from a kit gave out after four years in the hot Texas sun and this year's rains. After being alternately baked and soaked, one of the supporting arches gave up the ghost. When things like this happen, I tend to go a bit overboard, so, not wanting to put out $300.00 on a kit for a sturdier (at least they say it is) bridge, I spent about a $110.00 on wood and hardware and built my own. I know IT'S STURDY. Below are 3 pictures of it. The first is the raw undercarriage for the bridge and the main posts that will sit on the bridge supports. The next two are two different views of the finished bridge... now I just have to give it three coats of spar varnish. Yeah, that'll eat a little time.

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