Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Square Peg – So, Here It Is

The Square Peg – So, Here It Is
© S. Bradley Stoner
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I haven’t written a Square Peg blog in a long time. Would you like to know why? Fine, I’ll tell you… I’m not waiting for an answer because I don’t want to get shouted down by some political wingnut. So, here’s why. Political news and posts on social media have flat fudged up my funny bone. I’ve tried to ignore it, but this is some in your face all of the time bullsh#t. And none of it is funny.

It creeps into everything. It’s made mortal enemies of neighbors… I’ve seen it. And I hate it. Frankly, the only Brett I care about is Bret Maverick (and his name is spelled different). The only Ford I give a rat’s behind about is my Explorer out front. At least those two provide a little enjoyment in life. The only Trump I care about is five no-trump in bridge. So, I’ve limited my time on social media and in social interactions. That kind of puts the kibosh on funny fodder.

Am I worried about the direction this country is going? You bet your boots I am. I’m old fashioned. I was raised to be courteous to folks, to respect differences, and to keep my own counsel. I was taught to treat women as ladies, accept life choices without being judgmental, to walk away from a fight whenever possible, and to knock the snot out of my opponent when it was not. I’ve been pretty good about all of those things during my lifetime.

For the record, I am not politically correct. Political correctness is prissy, politically inspired bullsh#t. If that offends you, tough cookies. I don’t intentionally try to hurt people’s feelings, but if saying things plainly offends you, too bad.

I don’t care how you identify yourself, but come on folks, there are only two genders biologically. Male and female. What you do with those in the privacy of your own home doesn’t concern me as long as you are consenting adults. But I do find these in your face, public declarations of gender identification offensive. Do what you want to in private, do your job efficiently and effectively and you won’t hear a peep out of me.

Okay, enough ranting. Just one last thought as Halloween approaches… stay away from clown and banshee costumes. The clowns are all in congress or in positions of political, dare I call it, leadership, and the banshees are running amok in the streets of our cities.