Monday, August 31, 2015

A Good Day of Fishing Beats a Bad Day of Fishing, BUT a Bad Day of Fishing Beats a Good Day at Work

Thanks to an understanding and terrific wife who had 3 days off, I went fishing the past two days while she sat and read one of her advance copy books various publishers keep sending her. The first day took care of the Bad Day of Fishing... well, it was bad for me, but good for the fish and the pelicans. They got all my bait. One guy there was catching Pampano one after the other on artificial lures, but they didn't like mine. But today... Whoa! Good Day... VERY GOOD DAY! Today I used squid... and the snapper snapped them up... two kinds of snapper, Red Snapper and Lane Snapper. I got a bonus as well... a Gaff Sail Catfish... and a booby prize... a Toadfish. Ugliest thing I've ever seen, but what a fighter! He wasn't that big, but man on my light rig he bent the pole double and took a good three minutes to land. Not bad for a fish that wasn't more than six inches long. Strong little buggers. Anyhoo... home is the fisher... home from the sea... it sucks to be working, but it's great to be me!

Red Snapper

 Lane Snapper



 Gaff Sail Catfish

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