Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Coming Down
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[This is a reprint of an old blog I did back in 2008 - Hey, the Broncos are playing at 3:00, so I have better things to do than write a new blog. Besides, the San Antonio Rodeo is coming up soon, so it’s sort of timely.]

Well, I know it's been awhile since I've been on blog net, and I am not going to make excuses. Suffice it to say that I have been busy with other matters. I have taken time to stop by several of my friends sites, although I admit not as frequently as I would like.

Today is gorgeous here in Texas... about 75 and clear blue skies. I love Texas in the winter!  Our brief cold spells were indeed brief and, in fact, not that cold.  Got down to 38 one night.... oh, brrrr! (Yep, that was sarcastic). Highs were in the upper 40s and low 50s... oh, double brrr!  Unlike some nameless persons in my family, I sort of like cold weather.  It's the really hot weather I hate. The good news, we really don't have that here either. I think we broke 100 one time last year. The hot weather in San Antonio lasts about a month and a half, if that.  And, I'm (pardon the pun) warming up to that.

I'm also getting to like taking my weekends off and being somewhat lazy - told ya'll that I was going to stop and smell the roses this year. This weekend was a truly lazy one, but last weekend... well, it IS rodeo time in San Antonio. Yep, we boot the basketball Spurs out of the AT&T center for three weeks and replace them with the real spurs. Those are mine below.

Yep... we take our ridin', ropin, risk takin' (the Texas 3-Rs) seriously down here.  Sort of a more buck for your buck theory.  Understand, I have been to rodeos all over the country... attended my first one when I was but a stripling boy of no more than six when I went to the Denver Stock Show and Rodeo... but the San Antonio Rodeo is about the best organized, most efficient operation I have ever seen. Load 'em up... let 'em loose... hit the buzzer... pick em' up... and get 'em out... then repeat. If you're one of those cowboys who likes to be dramatic after a ride... don't. You'll get run over by the next bronc or bull out of the chute.  Save the theatrics for the podunk rodeos. You're a professional, for pete's sake!

The opening ceremonies... well, EVERYTHING in Texas is bigger! But you knew that, right? There are twenty palomino and 12 other quarter horses and riders in the opening flag ceremony.  The palominos are wearing full silver-mounted saddles... and you wondered what Nieman Marcus was for.... Here's a little closer view... 

I think the number of US flags equaled the number of Texas flags... but maybe not. This is Texas, after all.

Cherei's favorite part is the bull riding, of course. (Aw shoot, she probably read that bumper sticker that says, "I'm a Lover, I'm a Fighter, I'm a Wild Bull Rider!").  The one on my truck was simpler... it just said, "Cowboys are better lovers." Don't ask why.
And, if you've read my lady's blogs, you'll know the day wasn't all bull riding and bronc busting. Nope, we wandered about the stock show grounds and covered most of the craft shows... some neat stuff, but a lot of it way overpriced from my perspective.  The arena is NOT Nieman Marcus, after all.  There were some very pretty, high-strung quarter horses... some of them out of the Doc line... if you know anything about horse pedigrees, that's a pretty darn good line.  They even set a record at the quarter horse sale... sold one two year old for $50,000 - that's Fifty big ones, folks... for a quarter horse.  Holy moley!

Well, I guess I've rambled enough for one Sunday.  I leave you with a picture of my favorite cowgirl...  yep, that's a big plastic cow and that sweet thing standing by it is my girl... cow plus girl equals cowgirl!

Ya'll come back now, heah?

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